Apart from all of the normal preparation you would do for any interview (dress smart, practice your presentation, anticipate potential questions and rehearse the answers, prepare some questions of your own) there are a couple pieces of advice we give to founders when they’re preparing for the final rounds of interviews for accelerator programs. 

First, as part of your interview preparation, you should think through why you’re applying in the first place, and have an idea of how we can work with you. One of the value drivers of the METRO Accelerator, is our niche expertise. We want to be more than just a shareholder in your company - think of us as an extra co-founder. We have the people-power and knowledge to help you, we’re committed to your long-term success, and will see you through to the end. 

Make sure that your presentation highlights how the METRO Accelerator can help you. Do your research, apply what you’ve learned, and tell us how we can help you grow even beyond the program. Your story is just beginning with METRO and Techstars during the program, not ending.

And second, remember that saying ‘I don’t know’ is as relevant an answer as any. If you’re feeling the heat during the question sessions, keep your cool and answer every question honestly.  A willingness to learn, and honesty to what you know and what you’re looking to improve in your business are paramount to succeeding in this program.

We use Ash Maurya's Lean Business Model Canvas a lot, please take some time to familiarise your team with the principles. We'll ask you to fill one out if you're selected for the Top-20 interview stage, and you can make a copy of the template here.

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