Congratulations! You’ve received an offer to join the METRO Accelerator! This means we’ve been very impressed by you as a team, the problem you’re solving in your market and the product that you’re building. There are a few steps that we must go through before joining the program though.

Due Diligence

There will be a Due diligence process where we will look at a number of things - if you are who you say you are, your core business processes, any IP that you have, and your technology. If you’ve been open and honest during the interview process, then this will be extremely straightforward and can be considered a formality.

Cap table

We will take a look at your Cap Table to see which other investors are in there, and what your current valuation is. Making sure you have an up to date Cap Table at hand will make this a quick and easy process as well.

Book your flights and accommodation

If you’re coming from outside Berlin, then you’ll need to book your flights and accommodation for the duration of the program. If you’re coming from outside the EU, we can assist you with Visas, but only after you have accepted the offer of investment. Flights and accommodation you will have to find on your own, though we can make recommendation based on what other founders have done in the past, and our favourite Berlin neighbourhoods. I’d suggest getting a place for the entire duration of the program, so you don’t need to worry about getting kicked out of your place halfway through and moving somewhere else (it happens more often than you think).

Business Cards

Print at least 500 of these to get you through the first month. It’ll save you time and mental space to do it before the program kicks off, so why not order them now?

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