Over the course of the program, you'll meet hundreds of people who can help your business do more faster than you ever imagined. You'll be pushed to the limits, meet a ton of high quality people who can help you, if you're open and willing to receive their feedback, and be surrounded by people who are on the same mission as you. It’s an incredibly exciting and invigorating space to be in!

We make it part of our promise to you, as part of the Techstars #GiveFirst mentality, as founders to begin adding value even before we invest in you. Even before joining the METRO Accelerator for Retail, you’ll begin meeting some of the key stakeholders of the program.

During the selection process, you’ll meet Jag Singh (the Managing Director), Kelly Adam (Program Manager), at least one other Managing Director, and a few other people from the Techstars Investment Fund (these are the people can follow-on in your next round). You’ll also have an interview with the METRO Investment Team, and people from METRO who will be helping to put your products into retail stores. The senior management of METRO, including the CEO, Olaf Koch, have also been known to join in on these sessions. All even before you’ve been sent an offer.

From Day 1, you’ll be immersed in the Techstars and METRO Networks. You’ll meet 100+ mentors and specialists who can help you work through any challenges you might be facing with your business in Month 1.

These are very experienced people who are donating their time to help you grow faster, guide you through murky waters, and walk you through some of the mistakes they made in their careers in the hopes you won’t do the same. Their backgrounds vary, some being Partners at VC funds from across Europe, others are successful Retail-tech entrepreneurs, and others further are experts in particular areas – be that marketing, PR, product or tech.

You’ll meet the METRO team responsible for helping your product get into stores around the world.

You’ll also work closely with the hand-picked Associates who are hired by Techstars to complement your team’s skills gaps during the program. Historically, some of the associates go on to work full-time for companies in the cohorts. 

And you’ll have weekly check-ins with me. You can ask me anything, share any problems you’re going through, and capitalize on my experience to help you do more.

By the end of the 3 months, you’ll have met hundreds of people from around the world and be immersed in the Techstars and METRO networks. You’ll be able to use these names to open doors and start conversations going forward, keeping your momentum up post-program.

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